Welcome to Sail Malaysia!

Malaysia is situated between 1 and 7 degrees north and has traditionally been the centre of regional trade due to its strategic location.  Recently, with the growing number of marinas, the country is fast becoming accessible to cruisers and no longer just a place to just pass by.

Our objective in this event is to help you Discover Malaysia by Sea.  Although  west coast of Peninsula Malaysia has been well documented over the years, with Sail Malaysia, you will be able quickly familiarize the region as well as getting to know the locals hosts on a more enjoyable and personable manner.

We realize that since this may be your first visit to our country by sea.  We hope to introduce you to the people, marine facilities  and of course the beauty and heritage of each rally destination that you may otherwise miss if you were to do it individually.

Traveling in Malaysia is hassle-free and convenient.  The destinations that you will visit are easily accessible by air for receiving friends and family.  Malaysia is also the perfect base for travel around this region as well as travelling back home.

Sail Malaysia welcomes you to the rally stops, where you will be showered with a warm Malaysian style welcome.  We intend to introduce you to at least 4 destinations, from Johor Bahru to Langkawi.  There is so much to look forward to.  The journey is as much about self discovery as it is about visiting our friendly hosts.

As a continuation to the above event, please look out for the Sail Malaysia Passage to the East Yacht Rally where we take you eastwards from Langkawi to eastern Borneo.

We wish to thank Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board, the respective State Governments and sponsors for their advice, direction and support in helping us to establish this event annually.  This event is part of our efforts to promote marine tourism in Malaysia and we invite all sailors to join the Sail Malaysia Passage to the Langkawi and Discover Malaysia by Sea!

Purpose of This Document

This Pre-Entry Information Booklet is intended to provide interested 2016 participants with a general overview of the event and what to expect.  This document also comes attached with the entry form.

The details contained in this document and the website is the OFFICIAL information published by Sail Malaysia.  Regular updates about the event will be posted on the website and sent via email to interested parties on the mailing list.

Organiser Contact Details

The Sail Malaysia Passage to Langkawi is owned and managed by SM Yachting Sdn. Bhd. (1184864-V), a private limited company registered in Malaysia.  All correspondence to the organizers of Sail Malaysia should be directed via email to

(Attn: Sazli).

For easy reference, please include the name of your yacht in the subject section of your emails.

If you wish to find alternative means to contact us, please email us for the request.


The start of the rally will begin in
(01°25’.12N 103°39’.49E)
7 November 2016
 Registration & Ticket Collection Time:  4 pm
Venue:  Puteri Harbour Marina reception area

Key Dates prior to the Malaysian leg

Sail Malaysia representatives will be at these locations to assist you with any queries regarding your stay in Malaysia.

In Cairns, Australia

Around 30 June-2 July: We will be with the Sail2Indonesia rally organisers for briefing & presentation

In Darwin, Australia

Tuesday, 19 July: Rally Briefing/Information Day with Sail Indonesia.
Wednesday, 20 July: Follow up/enquiries – we will be at the Darwin Sailing Club from 8 am to 10 am.
Friday, 26 July: Clearing Day.  Follow up/enquiries – we will be at the Darwin Sailing Club from 9 am to 2 pm.

In Bali, mid-September:  We will be with both organisers above for follow-ups and giving you further updates.



How to Register

  1. The Registration Form will be attached when you receive this document. Alternatively the Registration Form will be available via our website as well as at our counters in Cairns, Darwin and Bali.
  2. If you do not have access to or cannot download the registration form for any reason, all you have to do is text us the details of your yacht, skipper and crew, and communication (mobile) and send us via email.
  3. Upon receiving your details, we deem that you have read and agreed to the details in this document. We shall confirm your participation in the rally once we receive the email.
  4. A completed form together with the details you sent will be ready for signature when we see you at the rally regroup points and stops.

Entry Costs

A registration fee will be charged as below to cover our administrative expenses.

  1. Early Bird (before 31 July 2016) – AUD 120 per yacht
  2. Normal fee (after Early Bird) – AUD 150 per yacht

A DEPOSIT OF AUD 50 IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THE START OF THE RALLY You can pay the balance when you see us again at the Puteri Harbour Marina registration on 7 November.

 Note – the early bird applies to the time when we receive your email or registration form to confirm your participation.

In return for the registration fee, we offer you the following benefits:

  1. Organised rally stops listed in the Rally Schedule.
  2. Our commitment is to organise 4 rally stops for the Malaysian leg. Additional stops may arise. The list of expected activities per destination is listed below. Please note that this list is tentative, but it will be very close to what you will experience.
  3. One Sail Malaysia Rally Flag
  4. Two Sail Malaysia T-shirts
  5. Other souvenir and goodies provided to you by our hosts.

The following are not included in the registration fee:

  1. Marina costs
  2. Port clearance fee and charges, if any.
  3. Optional tours or events, such as paid excursions to Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. These items will be classified as ‘Optional’ in the Rally Schedule. Although chargeable, these activities are recommended.

Payment methods:

  1. The entry fee is payable in cash to Sail Malaysia representatives when you meet us.
  2. If you wish to deposit money in advance, we can provide you our bank details via email.


Rally Schedule 2016

The detailed itinerary is still being organized.  Most importantly is the start of the event is on 7 November.

Date Destination Coordinates 
7-10 Nov Puteri Harbour Marina 01°25’.12N 103°39’.49E
13-15 Nov Admiral Marina P. Dickson 02°28’.76N 101°50’.68E
18-23 Nov Pangkor Marina Island 04º 12’N, 100 º 36’E
25-30 Nov Penang To be decided
4-7 Dec Rebak Marina Langkawi 06º 17′ .48 N 99º 41′.70 E

Details of the events and facilities at each location will also be presented at the Information Day in Darwin on 23 July 2013.  Confirmed rally participants will be given a fact sheet on the venues above at the Darwin Information Day.

Follow up event to Thailand will follow by Sail Thailand in January 2016.

Important Rally Information:

The notes below are relevant for the Sail Malaysia Passage to Langkawi  registered participants only. 


  1. The Sail Malaysia Passage to Langkawi refers to the Malaysian leg of the Sail Indonesia/Sail2Indonesia – Sail Malaysia yacht rally. The rally stops and events in Malaysia are organised by us.
  2. Our role is to organize the rally stops for you in Malaysia and to coordinate with our friends in Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand on your journey within Malaysia.
  3. Our objectives. The overall objective of this event is to introduce Malaysia by sea by organizing rally stops along the route and welcoming you with our Malaysian-style hospitality.  In addition, our aim is also to create awareness among Malaysians about the cruising lifestyle.


  1. Planning Your Journey. The west coast of Peninsula Malaysia is well documented and you can research your own material.  Once you register with us in you will also receive an Information Booklet containing useful information about the rally destinations.
  2. Security. We will be sending the information given to us in the Registration Form to the Marine Department Royal Malaysian Marine Police solely for precautionary purposes.  During the event period, we also recommend all participants to let us know of your travel plans if you do not intend to join us at the next designated rally stop.
  3. Communication 1. Emails and our website will be the main form of         communication.  You will also be able to make enquiries to us at any of   the rally stops.
  4. Communication 2. A Vhf communication channel for the morning sked will be determined at the Rally Briefing on 2 November.
  5. Customs and Immigration. Customs and immigration clearance in Malaysia is typically ‘hassle-free’.  Notwithstanding that, we will advise you on the procedures of each stop at the technical briefing.
  6. Marina Berthing. All yachts are required to communicate directly with the marinas to confirm bookings


  1. Event Format. Free and Easy – although we encourage you to visit all       the rally stops, you are free to pick and choose the stops that suit your        schedule.
  2. Rally Stops 1. The rally stops are listed above in the Rally Schedule. Each            stop will contain a mixed bag of events, such as receptions, dinners,       tours,   games, activities, etc.  The details are currently being finalized.
  3. Rally Stops 2. You will find some amazing stops along the way and it is very tempting to stop and skip some of the others. However, we recommend that you plan to go to all of them as each destination contain a mixed bag of wonderful surprises and discoveries otherwise missed.
  4. Press Conferences and Boat Visits. These activities will be included in    this year’s rally as part of our program to create awareness about the       cruising lifestyle.  These activities are optional and it is perfectly            understandable if you do not wish to take part.  Please do not hesitate to             inform us and we will maintain strict privacy.


Customs, Immigration and Port Clearance

The Malaysian procedures for entry are fairly straightforward.  We are also making special arrangements for speedy clearances in Danga Bay.

For more information about the above, please go to the respective websites below.

Royal Malaysian Customs:
Immigration Department of Malaysia:
Marine Department:

Some points worth noting:

 Immigration  (Visas)

  1. The majority of passport holders will have a 3 month visa issued on arrival.
  2. For details on Visa requirement by countries please visit the Official Immigration Department of Malaysia website (
  3. Passports will need to be valid for more than 6 months from the date of entry into Malaysia.


In short, customs procedures in Malaysia are straightforward.  However, PLEASE OBSERVE THAT following items are strictly enforced in this country.

  1. Dangerous Drugs. Dangerous drugs (eg. Morphine, heroin, opium, ganja, etc.) is prohibited from importation and exportation.  THE TRAFFICKING OF DRUGS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  THE PUNISHMENT OF DRUG TRAFFICKING IS DEATH BY HANGING.  Dangerous drugs can only be imported and/or exported with the approval of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
  2. Firearms. Please be informed that the Malaysia has strict rules and regulations regarding firearms and ammunition. You must declare all firearms at the customs and immigration, which will be sealed, transported and kept at the local police station until the date of your departure.

For a comprehensive write up, please go to and type in search, ‘Traveller’s Guide’.  The listing provided is probably too detailed for many of us to digest and if you have any queries it is useful to just call the department or email at the contacts described in their website.

Health and Vaccination

For a detailed overview of health considerations for travelers in Malaysia, please visit the following website:

If you need medical assistance, public and private clinics and hospitals are abundant and affordable in Malaysia.  Please check with the marina office for the one most convenient to you.


Sail Malaysia does not provide insurance for rally participants.  Insurance covering medical or emergencies is recommended if you don’t already have one.


Geography and People

Total Area:            329,750 sq km

Population:            32 million (2015 est.)

Ethnic Groups:       Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, Indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, Others 7.8% (2004 est.)

Religion:                Islam 60.4% (Official Religion), Buddhist 19.2%, Christian 9.1%, Hindu 6.3%, Confucianism, Taoism, other traditional Chinese religions 2.6%, other or unknown 1.5%, none 0.8% (2000 census)

Languages spoken:            Bahasa Malaysia (Official Language), English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai. In East Malaysia there are several indigenous languages; most widely spoken are Iban and Kadazan

For more details visit our website under Malaysia General Information.


Tropical: Hot and humid throughout the year.

Annual winds: Southwest (April to October) and Northeast (October to February) monsoons


Only Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is used.  Money exhchange outlets are aplenty, especially around the rally stops.  Credit cards are widely accepted (VISA, Mastercard, Diners, AMEX).


Exchange rates (in Malaysia, as at April 2016) for selected currencies:

Ringgit Malaysia per foreign currency:

1    USD                                         4.03
1    Australian Dollar                     2.93
1    Euro                                         4.56
1    New Zealand Dollar                2.73
1    Sterling Pound                         5.79
100 Indonesian Ruppiah               0.03
100 Thai Baht                                11.4

Communication and Internet Service

International Dial Code:   60

The general assessment for telephones, mobile phones and internet services are excellent in this country.  There are 3 major mobile phone companies which offer pre-paid cards if you are visiting temporarily – Maxis, Digi and Celcom. Cost per call will differ from one service provider to another.  On average a local call (mobile to mobile) will cost around 10 sen (AUD 0.03) per minit.

Nationwide broadband wireless access can be obtained for around RM 60-100 per month and you can typically gain access if you anchor close to the coastline.  Most marinas offer the wireless service at nominal costs.


220V 50Hz

Medical Services

Medical services in Malaysia are excellent.  Public clinics and hospitals are located in every district, cheap and open to foreigners.  Private clinics and hospitals are also plenty and prices tend to be affordable.  A trip to the private clinic for example may cost you between RM 40 to 70.

In case of emergency, you can contact the marina office where they can arrange a doctor to visit or an ambulance transfer in more serious circumstances.

Laundry, food and provisioning

Check with the marina offices for laundry facilities.  Most marinas provide this service where they send your laundry to the local cleaners for you.  A small fee may be imposed for this service.  Estimated rate for cleaning at a local cleaner is usually between RM 3.00 – RM 5.00 (AUD 1.00 – 1.50) per kg for a normal laundry.

Provisioning for food and beverage is not a problem in Malaysia.  Western food and delicatessen are available in most towns and not expensive.

Fuel docks or refueling services are available at most marinas.

Dress Standards

Malaysia is a progressively developing nation with a strong conservative influence.  Here, you will see a diverse range of dressing among its population – from the Muslim women covered from head to toe to the modern western-influenced outfits.

You are free to dress as you please in Malaysia.  Smart casual clothes are ideal when going out in public places.  When visiting government offices and religious sites (mosques, temples, etc.) we recommend that you dress modestly and men to wear long trousers.


Shopping in Malaysia is a national past-time.  Shopping malls and off the beaten track heritage shops are abundant.  Most Malaysian women possess a black belt in shopping.  So if you are in doubt where to go shopping, please feel free to enquire.


For references about our events and pictures please visit the Weblinks in our website, and the Sail Malaysia Facebook.


 Getting Around

Malaysia is an ideal location as a long-term stopover.  You can plan your excursions to other parts of the country or abroad without worry about the security of your boats or immigration (getting in and out of the country is hassle-free).

The official Tourism Malaysia website,, is a fantastic place to you to find out more about what Malaysia has to offer.


Starting May and ending in August 2017, this will be the 10th edition of the yachting rally!

…and when you are done visiting…

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Wishing everyone fair winds and a wonderful experience discovering Malaysia!